AnIn-X Colonial Lifter
Ship Details
Class Raider
Cost 65 Cryonite
Rank Required Rank 1
Sell 32 Cryonite
Equipment Blasters

Repair Droid

Armour Bulkware - Default

Thermograde - 123 Cryonite
Deluvian - 179 Cryonite

Repair Cost 0 Energy
Paint Cost 8 Cryonite
Drops From Mantis Sentinels on Kalabesh, 3 Blueprints

The AnIn-X Colonial Lifter is the only rare Raider ship. It boasts more armour than the AnIn-1300 Light Transport, although it is not as durable as the primary Vega ships.

It comes equipped with Sub-Standard Blasters, a Sub-Standard Collector, and a Sub-Standard Repair Droid by default.

The AnIn-X Colonial Lifter is dropped by Mantis Sentinels on Kalabesh and requires 3 Blueprints to complete.


Designed to be a cheap yet fast and sturdy transport, the Colonial Lifter was scrapped due to restrictions on materials after the First Mantis War.

The Colonial Lifter is better armoured and faster than the AnIn-1300 Light Transport.

Ship StatsEdit

Not Available.